The Puzzle

It’s not easy to find the best formula for creating a reliable and fair online rating system.
When I had the idea to create @refworkers to solve the problem of dishonest or incompetent technicians in the real estate industry for example, I was faced with mixed reviews, mainly because of the rating system but also because of the verification of the origin of reviews.
The idea is to integrate a mix of recommendation and rating techniques to give a user the ability to find the best professionals in their areas.
As far as rating is concerned, it is important to avoid the platform becoming a court of law where professionals would not have the possibility to defend themselves.
So some thoughts on how to achieve a rating system on @refworkers that is fair to all players.
Several points or questions:

  • How to filter out spams ? (those here who have not been in touch with the professionals and want to give random and false reviews)
  • How to avoid having an opinion that does not reflect the facts or the truth?
  • How to objectively manage a conflict between clients and professionals?

A few points that should be implemented in my opinion to mitigate the risks mentioned above:

  • When the review option goes live, it will no longer be possible to get a professional’s phone number without having a verified account on the platform.

This will allow the algorithm to recognize whether the customer has actually contacted the professional, and at the same time make sure that the review comes from an authentic account.

  • The reviews will be accompanied by a text comment and/or a photo of the incident in the case of a negative experience.
  • After a negative review is published, the professional will be informed of the review and will have the opportunity to dispute it within a few days.
  • Finally, the displayed rating will be the average of those given by the users.

I would be interested in your opinions on this concept, feel free to comment.
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